The Home I Never See

ONE OF THE HARDEST PLACES TO FIND BEAUTY is the place we live. The things we see on a daily basis are easily unnoticed and forgotten, and the same is true of many of us in regards to our own talents, beauty, or character – to which I am no exception. I love trying to find beauty in people and places where it is frequently unrecognized; even objects have a voice to be heard. In hopes to find this beauty where my creative mind never actually considers being creative, I woke up yesterday and, using only the light provided from the house itself (and some editing after the fact), put new eyes in before walking around my too familiar home. I learned a lesson about seeing the world differently and searching for goodness, truth, art, etc. in the things we so apathetically pass by. What I found was beautiful – and who knew my house could be so abstract? (click to see the full image)

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