So, were you gothic?

So, were you gothic?

Part 2/3

“There was the bishop, the two counselors, and his secretary—the secretary was a super old guy and had been a bishop before, as well as my dad’s typewriter teacher when he was in seventh grade. It was interesting because I was pulling out everything and aggrandizing it. I said I smoked a cigar once, I did this, I did that, and every tiny, little thing I could think of—I dressed in women’s clothes, I go dancing…"

“It was funny: the secretary took notes, put his glasses down, and was tapping his notebook. He asked, ‘George, did you say you used to dress in women’s clothes?’

“I’m like, ‘Yeah.’

“‘Were they black?’


“‘So, were you gothic?’

“‘Yeah! You know what that is!’

“He turned to the other three, who were all younger men, and he said, ‘Do you guys know what gothic is?’

“And they were like, ‘Uh… no.’ ‘No.’

“So this old guy put down his pen, leaned forward and said, ‘Alright. It is not what he’s making this out to be! You guys are taking this waaay, way out of control; this is not OK. It’s a culture thing—you wear black clothes. Yeah, they wear black skirts or whatever—that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s fine!’”

Erik Robinson