You've got to dig a little deeper

You've got to dig a little deeper

(Part 2/3)

“Around the time of the car accident, we were invited in stake conference to read through The Book of Mormon in a three month period. I thought, ‘I have to do it.’

“The timing was great—it helped a ton. I remember thinking, ‘If nobody else in the stake got anything out of that, I did.’

“It was about that time that I was struggling with some things—nothing I felt I was going to leave the church over—but seeing other people going through this stuff, and not being able to have quick and easy answers for them was kind of frustrating to me. When you only exist in a religious world with like-minded people, then some of those easy answers are enough. But when people are really struggling, you’ve got to dig a little deeper. The casual responses we have are not good enough for a lot of people.”

Erik Robinson